Learner corpus of academic writing

Project leader

This project, within the SADiLaR ICELDA node, is aimed at collecting samples of academic writing of undergraduate students from all fields of study in at least two of the official languages of South Africa. The data will be used to inform the refinement of an online writing tool that can be used to the benefit of students across South Africa, e.g. in writing support courses.  As part of this project a complete tag set of typical errors that students make has been developed.


Write it

Date: 2019-current
Role: Project leader

This project is aimed at affording students support with academic writing development in a multimodal fashion. Educational videos (in all official South African languages, as well as sign language), worksheets and exercises on different levels (i.e. scaffolded) are available on seventeen topics associated with academic writing. This product can be used as a so-called stand alone or as part of a blend.

Academic writing support

Date: 2017-current
Role: Project leader in South Africa

The “Schrijfhulp Portaal“, initiated by the Katholiek Universiteit Leuven (KU-Leuven) is aimed at affording students the opportunity to get online support with academic writing. Four South African partners are also  involved, see:  https://saf.schrijfhulp.be. The main purpose of the project is to design, implement and refine an online writing tool in both Afrikaans (Skryfhulp Afrikaans) and English (Academic Writing Assistant), and if funding is secured, also in two African languages.