Tobie van Dyk

I currently hold the positions of Professor and Head of the Centre for Academic and Professional Language Practice at North-West University (NWU), South Africa. 

As an applied linguist I strive to improve the  language ability and academic literacy levels of our students. Language testing and the advancement of multilingualism are my main foci. 

As a project manager and academic entrepreneur, I derive satisfaction from negotiating a common goal with a multidisciplinary team and setting everything in motion towards completing projects successfully. I collaborate with colleagues in the USA, Africa and Europe, in particular Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden, at international level (Medics on the Move, Nursing on the Move, Online Writing Support), and at national level (two SADiLaR projects). More information on these are available under the tab “Portfolio of projects” on this site.

Please find my biosketch, as well as my full CV.