Current projects

Academic writing support

Date: 2017-current
Role: Project leader in South Africa

Skryfhulp Afrikaans on the “Schrijfhulp Portaal”, initiated by the Katholiek Universitiet Leuven (KU-Leuven) offers students online support with academic writing.…

Digital Language Resources: SADiLAR

Date: 2016-
Role: Node Manager

The South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR), is a national research infrastructure consisting of a network of linked nodes of participating South African universities and agencies …

Fair and diagnostic language testing

Date: 2017-
Role: Project leader

This project is aimed at providing fair and diagnostic language tests for academic purposes in the South African context at secondary and higher education levels…

Learner corpus of academic writing

Date: 2017-
Role: Project leader

Collecting samples of academic writing of undergraduate students from all fields of study to inform the refinement of an online writing tool.…

Multilingual Academic Wordlist

Date: 2019-
Role: Project leader

Creating and delivering academic wordlists that will serve as a resource to students to assist them in understanding those words which frequently appear in academic texts.…

Multilingualism challenge

Date: 2019-
Role: Project leader and content design

Exposing current and prospective students to a multilingual environment in a fun-filled manner. …


Date: 2019-
Role: Project leader and content developer

Referella gives students the opportunity to develop their referencing skills in four different referencing styles. This project is a collaborative effort between the NWU’s School of Languages and the NWU Libraries.…


Date: 2016-
Role: Project leader

Writing, Information literacy, Reading (WIRED) is aimed at the development of a complete academic literacy course offered online for open and distance learning (ODL) students, or in a blended fashion for residential students.…

Write it

Date: 2019-current
Role: Project leader

Supporting students with academic writing in a multimodal fashion. Educational videos (in all official South African languages as well as sign language), worksheets and exercises are available on seventeen topics associated with academic writing. …

Completed projects

Medics on the Move 

Date: 2012–2015
Role: Project partner

‘Communication for Professionals: Medics on the Move’, involved seven international partners. Its focus was on the development and implementation of a range of innovative tools for e-learning and on-the-job communication specifically developed for trained medical professionals. …

Nursing on the Move 

Date: 2015-2017
Role: Project partner

‘Communication for Professionals: Nursing on the the Move’, involved eight international partners with backgrounds in medicine, academia, and education and training. Its focus was on the development of e-learning and on-the-job communication tools for nurses.…