Postgraduate supervision


fulltext_open_medium Fourie, C. 2018. Metacognition in healthcare communication training: A critical analysis of blended second language learning. PhD thesis, University of Antwerp. [co-supervisor]

fulltext_open_medium Fouché, I. 2016. Assessing the impact of academic literacy interventions in higher education: an evaluation design. PhD thesis, North-West University, Potchefstroom. [supervisor]

fulltext_open_medium Sebolai, K. 2016. The incremental validity of three tests of academic literacy in the context of a South African university of technology. PhD thesis, University of the Free State. [co-supervisor]

fulltext_open_medium Jonker, A. 2016. The role of multilingual concept literacy glossaries at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the Stellenbosch University in enhancing academic literacy in an academic development programme. PhD thesis, Stellenbosch University. [co-supervisor]

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fulltext_open_medium Pretorius, M. 2015. The theoretical justification for the design of a communicative course for nurses: Nurses on the Move, Master’s dissertationcum laude, University of the Free State. [co-supervisor]

fulltext_open_medium Oostendorp, M.C.A. 2011. Effects of the second language on the first: Investigating the development of ‘conceptual fluency’ of bilinguals in a tertiary education context. PhD thesis, Stellenbosch University. [co-supervisor]

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fulltext_open_medium Marais, F.C. 2008. An investigation into the significance of listening proficiency in the assessment of academic literacy levels at Stellenbosch University. Master’s dissertation, cum laude, Stellenbosch University. [supervisor]

In process

Fritz, R. Outonome leer, akademiese akkulturasie en akademiese skryfvaardigheid: die ontwerp van ’n vervlegte akademiese geletterdheidsmodule. [PhD thesis: supervisor]

Mahlasela, J. Equalising Grade 12 Home Language examination papers in a multilingual education department: the case of Sesotho [PhD thesis: co-supervisor]