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Carstens, W.A.M. & Van Dyk, T.J. (Eds.) Toegepaste Taalkunde in Afrikaans. [In progress]

Loader, R., Van Dyk, T. J., & Human, C.  2022.  Kortpad-Afrikaans: ‘n Basiese grammatika [with summaries in English]. Stellenbsoch: African Sun Media.

Van Dyk, T.J.  2020. Postscript: What the data tell us: an overview of language assessment research in South Africa’s multilingual context. In Weideman, Albert, Read, John & Du Plessis, Theo (Eds.) Assessing academic literacy in a multilingual society: Transition and transformation, pp. 217-235. Bristol: Multilingual Matters DOI: 10.21832/WEIDEM6201

Van Dyk, T.J., Murre, P., & Kotzé, H. 2020. Does one size fit all? Some considerations for test translation. In Weideman, Albert, Read, John & Du Plessis, Theo (Eds.)  Assessing academic literacy in a multilingual society: Transition and transformation, Chapter 3, pp. 52-74. Bristol: Multilingual Matters. DOI: 10.21832/WEIDEM6201

 Van de Poel, K. & Van Dyk, T.J. 2015. Discipline-specific academic literacy and academic integrationIntegrating Content and Language in Higher Education, Chapter 10, pp. 161-180. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Van Dyk, T.J. & Weideman, A.J. (Eds.) 2014. Akademiese geletterdheid: Toets jou vermoë. Potchefstroom: ICELDA. ISBN 978-0-86886-823-3.

Weideman, A.J. & Van Dyk, T.J. (Eds.) 2014. Academic literacy: Test your competence. Potchefstroom: ICELDA. ISBN 978-0-86886-822-6.

Van Dyk, T.J. & Van de Poel, K. 2014. Basiese Afrikaanse grammatika met mediese voorbeelde. Stellenbosch: ICELDA. ISBN 978-0-620-55840-2

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. & Coetzee, M. 2008. Maak sin van verwysings: die Harvard- en Vancouver-metodes. Stellenbosch: SUNMeDIA. ISBN 978-0-9802503-0-5

Journal articles


My scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals are listed on this page.

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fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T., & Adrianatos, K. 2022. They just don’t get it! Towards informing course and syllabus design – an error analysis of referencing in undergraduate writing. Journal for Language Teaching 56(1), 1-20. DOI: 10.56285/jltVol56iss1a5385

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. & Cloete, D.J. 2021. Die ontwerp en gebruik van ’n generiese akademiese woordelys vir universiteitstudente in die onderrig-leer-konteks. Journal for Language Teaching 55(2): 13-43. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v55i2.1

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J., Louw, H., Taljard, M. & Cloete, D.J.. 2021. Digitale hulp vir akademiese Afrikaans: Eerste lesse uit ’n ontwikkelingsprojek. Literator 42(1). DOI: 10.4102/lit.v42i1.1758

fulltext_restricted_medium Van Dyk, T., Louw, H., Taljard, M. & Meihuizen, E. (2020). Akademiese taalvermoë en nagraadse studie: ’n gevallestudie. Journal for Language Teaching 54(2): 139-163. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v54i2.7

fulltext_restricted_medium Déogratias N., Van de Poel, K., Van Dyk T..J., & Louw, H.  2020. Towards modelled testing of productive knowledge of collocations. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies 38:4, 307-322. DOI: 10.2989/16073614.2020.1858123

fulltext_restricted_medium Fouché, I., Van Dyk, T.J, Butler, G. 2017. An “enlightening course that empowers first years”?: A holistic assessment of the impact of a first-year academic literacy course. Journal of English for Academic Purposes 27 (2017):14-30.

fulltext_open_medium Fouché, I., Van Dyk, T.J., & Butler, G. 2016. Impact measurement: towards creating a flexible evaluation design for academic literacy. SPIL Plus 45:109-145.

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. 2016. Akademiese akkulturasie en holisties waardegedrewe transformasie: Die rol van akademiese geletterdheid. [Inaugural lecture, North-West University].

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J., Louw, H., Nizonkiza, D. & Van de Poel, K. 2016. Productive knowledge of collocations may predict academic literacy. Per Linguam 32(2):66-81.

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. 2015. Tried and tested. Academic literacy tests as predictors of academic success. Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing 37(2):159-186.

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fulltext_open_medium Van de Poel, K.; Van Dyk, T.J.; Gasiorek, J. & Blockmans, I. 2015. A needs analysis for communication by pharmacists in a multilingual setting: First steps towards syllabus and materials design. SPIL Plus 44:189-212.

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. & Taljard, M. 2014. Ses van die een en ’n halfdosyn van die ander? ’n Ondersoek na moontlike vlakke van oorvleueling tussen matriek Afrikaans en Engels en die NWU se Akademiese Geletterdheidstoets en -kursusse. Journal for Language Teaching 48(2):105-126.

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. 2013. Geldigheid vanuit drie paradigmas beskou: ‘n eenheid of ‘n veelheid van perspektiewe? Journal for Language Teaching 47(1):153-173.

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fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. & Van der Slik, F.W.P.. 2012. Dalende geletterdheidsvlakke: feit of fiksie? Journal for Language Teaching (Special edition: Festschrift in honour of Albert Weideman) 46(2): 43-57.

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. & Coetzee-Van Rooy, S. 2012. The continual conundrum of the “language across the curriculum” issue: lessons from the Bullock report (1975) for South African higher education today. Journal for Language Teaching 46(1):7-29.

fulltext_open_medium Petersen-Waughtall, M. & Van Dyk, T.J. 2011. Towards informed decision making: The importance of baseline academic literacy assessment in promoting responsible university access and supportJournal for Language Teaching 45(1): 99-114.

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J., Cillié, K., Coetzee, M., Ross, S. & Zybrands, H. 2011. Ondersoek na die impak van ’n leesintervensie op eerstejaarstudente se akademiese taalvermoë. LitNet Akademies 8(3): December 2011.

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fulltext_restricted_medium Van Dyk, T.J., Zybrands, H., Cillié, K. & Coetzee, M. 2009. On being reflective practitioners: the evaluation of a writing module for first-year students in the Health SciencesSouthern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies 27(3): 333-344. (One of the top cited SALALS articles – editor’s report, 2010).

fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J., Van Dyk, L., Blanckenberg, H.C. & Blanckenberg, J. 2007. Van bevreemdende diskoers tot toegangsportaal: e-Leer as aanvulling tot ’n akademiese geletterdheidskursus. Ensovoort 11(2):154-172.

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fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. 2005. Towards providing effective academic literacy interventionPer Linguam 21(2): 38-51.

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fulltext_open_medium Van Dyk, T.J. & Weideman, A.J. 2004b. Finding the right measure: from blueprint to specification to item type. Journal for Language Teaching 38(1): 15-24.

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Van Dyk, T.J. 2004. Onderwysvennootskappe en die Handevatprojek. Ensovoort 10(1): 35-44.

fulltext_restricted_medium  Cooper, P. & Van Dyk, T.J.  2003. Measuring vocabulary: a look at different methods of vocabulary testingPerspectives in Education 21(1): 67-80.


fulltext_open_medium  Van Dyk, Tobie. 2010. Konstitutiewe voorwaardes vir die ontwerp van ’n toets van akademiese geletterdheid [TAG]. PhD thesis, University of the Free State.

Most recent papers read

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES (invited speaker/presenter)


Internationalisation, change and language education: Exploring pitfalls and successes.(with Kris van de Poel). “The future of language education in an increasingly digital world: embracing change”, XVII CercleS International Conference, Porto, Portugal, Sep. 2022.

Seminars presented at the Language Centre, Pardubice, Czech Republic, Sep. 2022: 

  • Language testing and support – a view from the south
  • Language for specific purposes – the case of Medics on the Move
  • Academic writing – an international issue

Language and communication training in a diverse context – a view from the South. Communication for Professionals Conference (Vienna, Austria, June 2017)

Workshop: Language and communication testing in medical contexts. Communication for Professionals Conference (Vienna, Austria, June 2017)


Referencing mechanics: an anchor to bridge the knowledge gap in academic writing. SALALS Conference, Potchefstroom, 2022. (with Kristien Andrianatos)

Are we headed in the right direction with our academic literacy interventions? Insights from multiple sources. SALALS Conference, Potchefstroom, 2022. 

Does one size fit all? Some considerations for test translation. Annual LSSA, SAALA, SAALT Conference, Pretoria, July 2019.

Promoting academic integrity: creating safe spaces for transformation and acculturation. Annual LSSA, SAALA, SAALT Conference, Pretoria, July 2019.

Digital language resources for the classroom: Test purpose, test reliability, test validity and validation. Series of workshops (UP, Pretoria; NWU, Potchefstroom; UFS, Bloemfontein; SU, Stellenbosch, July 2019. 

Adequate and appropriate? Matters to consider for the validation of an online writing tool. DHASA Conference, Stellenbosch, January 2017.

What the data tell us: Probing for valuable information on language testing. CLASA Conference, Grahamstown, July 2017.

Reciprocity between an applied linguistic design and theoretical justification: the case of a writing centre. CLASA Conference, Grahamstown, July 2107.