Nursing on the Move 

Nursing-on_the_Move_international meeting
International meeting in Antwerpen
Nursing on the Move

The focus of this international project, partially funded by the EU, is on the implementation of a range of innovative tools for e-learning and on-the-job communication specifically developed for nursing (pre-professionals). Its development involved eight international partners with backgrounds in medicine, academia, and education and training. This project resulted in an online Moodle-based language course, Nursing on the Move.

I was the co-supervisor for the completion of a master’s study, which played an important role in the theoretical justification of the project:

 Pretorius, M. 2015. The theoretical justification for the design of a communicative course for nurses: Nurses on the Move, Master’s dissertationcum laude, University of the Free State.

The above study also contributed to insights into a related project:

 Van de Poel, K.; Van Dyk, T.J.; Gasiorek, J. & Blockmans, I. 2015. A needs analysis for communication by pharmacists in a multilingual setting: First steps towards syllabus and materials designSPIL Plus, 44:189-212.

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